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new colors :o)

Woohoo! Ain't it purty? And easier to see, probably. :)

I'm still here. I've actually been updating in another journal. Why? Who knows, really.

Hey, sis, assuming you'll have internet access in Europe, you should start a livejournal and keep everyone updated on your new and interesting surroundings. :) I hope I'll be able to update a little when I get there. Either way, I'll definitely keep a written journal.

Watched Lolita and High Fidelity the other night. I definitely recommend the latter over the former.

I wonder when my niece will be arriving this year and how long she will be staying. I'm looking forward to it. She probably is too; after all, we have a swimming pool, which is enough to put her in a personal paradise. :)

I miss everyone. I miss my sister, brother, niece, my old roommate, couple of friends... a lot.

Must get ready to deliver phone books then babysit. Adios. Ciao. Tag.
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