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i seem to have a knack at losing friends lately.
luckily, i'm not letting it bother me much. this is not insensitivity, just perspective. shit happens, right? i do my best to correct it, but that's all i can do, and then i won't worry about it. it's so nice to discover i have that ability. :)

i went to barnes and noble last night (the one i used to work at). my hair is long now, and i never wore it down at work, and i was wearing my cute little glasses, and only one person recognized me (web). then, around 11pm, after failed attempts to find something to do in tucson, brian and i bought a soccer ball and went to a park and kicked it around, which was fun... i haven't played soccer at all for years.

blah blah blah... i'm gonna go do something productive/useful.
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