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Brian and I just took my doggie for an hour long walk around the park. She loves me now (even more than she did before). :) It was nice to be outside for awhile, get some air and exercise... I don't do it often enough.

Clancy called... like he called last Sunday, and I keep being busy. Grr. Sometime our schedules will cooperate enough so that we can actually have a conversation. I did find out that Liz is either on her way or already back in Tucson. Hmm... should be interesting... ? I have no idea. No comment at the moment, I guess.

Babysitting again tomorrow... if only I could do it full time (preferably with a couple different families) and make just a little more money, I would be very willing to do that for a job. Kids are great. But I'm afraid I couldn't make enough money for Europe. Yay retail. Argh.

Time to go continue to make my space more inhabitable.
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